On this day in 1875…

Carl Jung was born!

If you are not familiar with Jung, I’ll give you three main points of Jung’s psychology:

1. Jung believed that there was more to humans than the sexual conflicts depicted in Freud’s psychology, he wanted to get to the core of ‘the essential nature of our souls’.

  • Ego Consciousness - immediate knower of what is going on as we come to understand it through the senses
  • Personal Unconscious - things that are part of our own personal experience but that we no longer choose to remember
  • Collective Unconscious - the idea that we share a “psychological-being-together” with the rest of the world
  • Libidinal Energy - a force that transcends our individual reality and seeks to find meaning in the unified Self

2. Jung was also the psychologist that broke away from Freud’s idea that his test subjects were concrete beings, Jung discovered the different personality types: extroversion (outward to the world) and introversion (acts inwardly). Not only are these polar opposite personality types, but Jung noticed a pattern of people who are extroverted during one period of their life and then introverted for the second period.

3. Jung delved further into his research and recognized four different psychological types:

  • Thinking - emphasis placed on rational functions, data analysis, and empirical knowing
  • Feeling - emphasis placed on the world of the affect
  • Sensation - emphasis placed on hearing, tasting, seeing, smelling, and gathering through the senses
  • Intuition - emphasis on the ability to know without regard to reason

Jung was the inspiration for the Briggs-Meyers test!

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